What is? Poetrology.


How do? To join the Poetrology movement simply read this sentence. Congratulations. You are now a Plebe-Class Poetrologist.

What get? Every weekday you will receive a new video which will guide you through the many levels of Poetrology. As you ascend you will receive certificates of achievement along with pamphlets of propaganda. And snacks, probably.

Do Blog? Do Facebook? Do Twitter? Yes Blog. Yes Facebook. Yes Twitter.

Can stop? Unlike other multi-tiered enlightenment thimblerigs you may opt out of Poetrology at any time. Simply shut your eyes and F-Class Cri-Lords will extinguish themselves from the cranial chemical fire you once allowed yourself to believe to be reality.

Is now? The first Poetrology session will begin on the morning of Monday, March 30th 2015.



  1. Cheryl · March 25, 2015

    Yes please. Have some.


  2. Marilyn · March 26, 2015

    Moi aussi.


  3. Stanley · March 29, 2015

    Sign how many up for advancement?


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